Skiandu Princess Diana

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Owner: Danny Govier

Breeder: Ros Reynolds

Current Home: Danny's Bed

D.O.B: 06/09/97

Sex: Bitch


1st's: 4

Not shown much as she prefers being with her human dad :)

Did you know.. Cariad is a Welsh word and means "Little Darling"

                                             OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS

  • One of the very few Shibas that can be trusted off the lead.

  • Can balance on her rear legs and walk (well hop) like a human.

  • Professional Coke bottle-top remover.

  • Successfully claiming the back room of the house as her own domain. Her and fame take it in turns to guard the door from any other intruding Shibas.

  •                                                       LIFE AT HOME

    Nickname: Cariadne

    Favorite Food: Not sure, because it's never around long enough to be identified. And this just has to be washed down with a cup of coffee.

    Favorite Toy: Fluffy toys and Balls.

    Favorite Game: Chasing balls, or her own tail.

    Most Embarrassing Moment: (For Danny) Waking up with cariad's rear end in his face...

    Most Annoying Habits: Screaming continually if Danny is not in sight, and pestering for other people's dinner.

    Lick Factor: Too high and mighty to kiss a mere human.

    Ambition: To sleep all day, with an infinate supply of food/coffee, and no Chanel in the house.

    Memorable Moment: Turning up on the doorstep of the house one morning with a face full of sausages. We still have no idea how she got out, or where she got the sausages from.