Skiandu Simply Sensay Chanel

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Owner: Ros Reynolds

Breeder: Ros Reynolds

Current Home: Skiandu Kennels

D.O.B: 20/10/96

Sex: Bitch


BOB: 18

1st Places: 30+

Best Puppy In Breed: 8

                                             OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS

  • Due to her steady nature, she is often used in Judging Assesments for hands-on evaluation. This means lots of handling throughout the day, by many different people.

  • The best rat catcher and hunter around

  • Top fighter in the Skiandu household!

  • Top chewer of anything and everything chewable

  • And she has to be the most wonderful devoted mum I have ever seen. No one looks after their kids like chanel!

  •                                                       LIFE AT HOME

    Nickname: Mouth Almighty, also better known as "CHANEL YOU COW! DON'T YOU DARE BITE HIM/HER!"

    Favorite Food: Treats 'n Sweets

    Favorite Toy: Bits of cloth, and any passing dogs tail, anything she can chew

    Favorite Game: Stalking other dogs, or hunting birds 'n rats

    Most Embarrassing Moment: I dont think she has one to date.

    Most Annoying Habits: Declaring war on Cariad, Fame and two of the samoyeds. Chewing leads and collars

    Lick Factor: Soft, gentle and loving, and a smile to melt your heart

    Ambition: Just to rule the household, be queen of them all, but she gotta get past me first. Oh, and to have cariad for lunch