Skiandu Enigma

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Owner: Ros Reynolds

Breeder: Ros Reynolds

Current Home: Skiandu Kennels

D.O.B: 22/10/99

Sex: Dog


Best in Show: 2
Reserve Best in Show: 1
Reserve Best Puppy in Show: 1
Best Puppy in Show over 2 days: 1
Best Puppy in show: 2
Group Wins: 1
BOB: 8

1st Places: 20 from 22 shows (including championship), the odd two being second places

Best Puppy In Breed: 8

All the above achieved between
6 months and 11 months old !!

                                             OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS

  • Current holder of the Skiandu High jump in the garden record at a clear 4 foot over the fence

  • Best Bowl thrower

  • Holds the record for the longest dog to stay on top of a travelling crate. He moved on top of his crate as a pup and only comes down to feed or go out

  • Most gentle shiba boy in UK (he dont fight or grumble with anyone over anything)

  • Fastest water catcher in the East!! Just watch him chase that hose pipe!

  • Thanks to special dispensation from the KC for letting Gene have this last litter, Jones is the dog I always wanted from Gene but never could get until now

  •                                                       LIFE AT HOME

    Nickname: It's The Jones

    Favorite Food: Bits dropped from work surfaces, when preparing food

    Favorite Toy: His bowl, he carries it everywhere.

    Favorite Game: Jumping over fences, into and out of the garden

    Most Embarrassing Moment: Jumping the gate to land on top of several sams and shibas. talk about run!! Oh and the day he discovered he was .. err. a boy!!

    Most Annoying Habits: Aww.. Comon... this is Jones we are talking about, he is so.. well.. CUTE!!

    Lick Factor: Such a gentle baby, very much a "I love you so much mom" kinda lick

    Ambition: To have fun, to enjoy life, meet dogs and people and run, and play, and to catch the darn water comin' out that hose!!