Wellshim Jasmine of Skiandu

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Owner: Ros Reynolds

Breeder: Mrs A Shimwell

Current Home: Skiandu Kennels

D.O.B: 23/10/88

Sex: Bitch

Eyes Clear


BOB: 18

1st's: 84 (Out of 84 shows)

Best Veteran In Show: 1

Top Shiba Puppy, 1988

Top Shiba Bitch, 1988 & 1989

Top Veteran 1998

                                             OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS

  • Certainly one for the history books, Michiko is one of the founding Shiba's in UK. Her progeny include the Top Dog in 1997 Clarans Tasha Yar, and IR CH Skiandu Simply The Best at Linsea, the Best Of Breed winner at Crufts 2000.

  • Michiko won Top Bitch for two years running with the Shiba-Inu Club of GB, and is still winning top veteran classes!

  • Finally, her outstanding personality and temperament has carried on throughout all of her children. Nearly all of which have made Champion.

  •                                                       LIFE AT HOME

    Nickname: Mugwai, Mini Moocher, Ho Chi Min, Mich, Mini, The Moocher etc. Yes she answers to them ALL!

    Favorite Food: Chicken or Rabbit.

    Favorite Toy: Furry Fabric blankets.

    Favorite Game: Grinding teeth on furry surfaces.

    Most Embarrassing Moment: Turning over on mom's bed and falling out.

    Most Annoying Habits: Having to be lifted from her 4-poster bed in the living room, to go to bed at night in the bedroom. Then, in the morning, having to be lifted out of my bed to sleep in her 4-poster during the day (not that she is spoilt or anything :).
    Also, she screams; "wanna go ouuuuuuuut" when she requires the back garden, and then screams; "wanna come iiiiiiiin" once you are settled in front of the TV again. Yes she does actually say it in english!

    Lick Factor: Loving, soppy and with lots of feeling.

    Ambition: To take up perminant residence in mom's bed.

    Memorable Moment: The time she posed for camera's at Crufts in her 4 Poster bed!