Azgard Kontiki

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Owner: Ros Reynolds

Breeder: Mrs C Barry

Current Home: Skiandu Kennels

D.O.B: 03/04/89

Sex: Bitch


Not Shown

                                             OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS

  • By far the best meower in the shiba world!

  • Surviving this long with a crippled back leg. The way she runs and jumps, you would never believe there's anything wrong.

  •                                                       LIFE AT HOME

    Nickname: Tiki San

    Favorite Food: Anything going

    Favorite Toy: The bed, all of it!!

    Favorite Game: Mad half hours around the house.

    Most Embarrassing Moment: Picking on one of my samoyeds, who then dumped her in the pond!

    Most Annoying Habits: Screaming when having her nails clipped, or when you try to groom her.

    Lick Factor: Delicate and restrained, but she sure will pin you down with a paw and give a good wash!

    Ambition: To do absolutely nothing all day long.